Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween...Sans Trick or Treating!

I’m a bit ashamed to admit this, but Halloween is my kids’ favorite holiday.  I personally prefer Christmas, but for some reason, be it the dress up, candy, and running around in the dark, they look forward to this day all year.   There’s one problem with this:  trick or treating is cancelled (and rescheduled) this year.  They endured all this counting down and waiting just to wait some more.
It’s not the end of the world, I know, but I wanted to do something to make today special.  After all, it’s not “Halloween” that we celebrate, but a day that is a little extra special, with fun things to do and yummy treats.

So, here is how we celebrated Halloween this year without the trick or treating!

Our soundtrack of choice today was the Pandora station “Halloween Party.”  It was pretty terrific, minus a few selections we fast forwarded…Monster Mash, Flying Purple People Eater, and Thriller seemed to keep us moving all morning!

This morning, the boys woke up to pumpkin banana pancakes and chocolate milk, which is a treat!  As good as breakfast was, we rushed through it because the boys spied an interesting addition to our doorway:


Yup!  That’s masking tape!  We played a super fun gum that I dubbed “Feed the Spider.” If you look really hard, I stuck two plastic spiders to the tape.  We took turns tossing pom pom balls (usually used for crafting) at the web.  They received 1 point for every stick, and a bonus of 5 points if they knocked the spider off the web.  Our game consisted of 5 rounds, with a winner declared at the end.  This was a VERY popular game…we played for over an hour!

While I rocked the baby to sleep for her morning nap, I pulled out the Scooby Doo hidden picture book I snagged at Target for $1.  All three little heads huddled around the book searching for the bad guys.


After Little Miss was sleeping soundly in her crib, it was tattoo time.  I found a box of over 100 Halloween tattoos for $1 at 5 Below…what a wonderful find!  After searching for just the right body décor,  we spent the next ½ hour applying them to legs, tummies, and arms.



Onward to the kitchen!  We did a super cute (and super quick!) craft:  ghost feet!  We painted the bottom of our feet white and pressed them on black construction paper.  They had no idea how these footprints were going to “turn into” ghosts. Once we added the dots for eyes and an open mouth, it all became clear!


After cleaning off our feet, the boys resumed playing Feed the Spider while I made some lunch…sadly, it wasn’t themed : (  However, we did have Halloween jello jigglers as a special post-lunch treat!

Everyone’s resting now.  But in just a few short minutes, my house will be bustling again.  I have my home made pizza dough rising for dinner, mini caramel apple pies assembled for dessert, and my popcorn popper ready for some fresh kettle corn.

This evening’s agenda:  build a fort, watch some Halloween specials, and munch on kettle corn.

 Who needs trick or treating?  We had a miniature bash over here!!  Happy Halloween!


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