Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where I Go Now to Edit Pictures!

Technology scares me!  I married a techie, and as such, I have long since said goodbye to trying to figure out new buttons, applications, and all things technical.  I didn't realize how much can change in 10 years!  And when he tries to explain it to me, it's like that voice from Charlie Brown...I just can't seem to focus!

Today, I'm proud of myself!  I gave this blog a bit of a makeover, creating a banner collage for the top, and figured out how to make some recipe printable pages...sort of. 

Here's my shout out to one of my new loves:!  You don't even need a tutorial to figure out how to make a collage.  Choose to edit a single photo or make a collage.  It will prompt you to upload, and then have fun!  This site has so many wonderful features, and it's free!  You simply save your changes to your computer, and it's a new can share, upload, or print.  There's amazing effects, and you can make just about any picture look a few short minutes, I created these beautiful memories (I like the "after" shot much better on the first one!):

That's my two-sense today for all of you who may be technologically challenged, like me...although I doubt that anyone has as much catching up to do as me!

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