Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Toddler Tuesday: Indoor Water Fun

I'm a little behind in my tasks this week!  Thank goodness for my go to list on this rainy day to keep the non-schooling kids busy!  Yesterday was such a beautiful fall day, but today it's rainy.  If you looked outside my front door this morning, you'd see two little noses pressed against the glass, hoping that a nice day would return again! 

My little guy wants to go outside and play in the rain...and if it were just a drizzle, I might relent.  However, I'm pretty sure the force of the rain may just wash him down the street!  So, some indoor water fun is in order. 


1.  Indoor Car Wash:  Gather together all your toy cars, throw a towel on the floor, put some soapy water in a bowl, and give them washcloths!  The boys love this, and the best part is that my floor gets a little clean up too!
2.  Set up a hands-on aquarium in the sink!  Fill the sink with water and dump in plastic fish, sharks, seahorses...whatever you have!  It's so simple, but it keeps my little guy occupied until he's uber pruny!
3.  Chalkboard ABC's.  I got this idea from someone on pinterest.  Write out the ABC's (or 1,2,3's, or your child's name) on a chalkboard.  Give him a small cup of water and a paint brush and let him "paint" over the letters/numbers to erase them.  My guys love doing this again and again...it buys some time and is educational! 
4.  Shaving Cream Bath.  Bath time is always more fun when getting clean is not the focus!  On a rainy day, sometimes I'll just let them play in the tub.  Our new favorite is to let them go in with a ton of shaving cream (dollar stores are wonderful for my supplies!) and wash it off.  Once they have it all off, I cream them again! This could be educational if you decided to have them write letters/numbers/names in the shaving cream.  My boys prefer just to fling it at each other and make a giant mess!
5.  Milk painting...o.k, this one isn't with water, but it's with liquid!  Grab a bowl, pour some milk in it. Drop a few drops of food coloring and let them swirl it with a paintbrush.  This is great for teaching primary and secondary colors!
These are some of our favorite rainy day, indoor water (liquid!) activities!  What are some of yours?


  1. thanks, the car wash was a little sanity saver today!

  2. Yay! Glad to hear it...it's one of my favorite ideas!