Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lifting Up a Family We Never Knew

This is a quick post…unedited as most are seeing as though I have 4 littles always hanging around.

This is a reminder that all of our children, young and old, are gifts from God and we don’t know when He will call one home.  A friend of my cousin lost her little boy this past weekend.  I didn’t know the family, but I cannot help but weep for them and pray that they find a peace that passes whatever understanding they are grasping for right now.  It seems that her two year old little man wandered away from some grown ups at a park just for the briefest of moments.  Those of you with two-year-olds can understand how quickly this can happen!  Tragically, he was found in a lake, and though his heart responded to CPR, he never came back.  The family selflessly donated his organs to help another ailing child, but will never have their son back in their arms this side of eternity.

My heart absolutely breaks for them.  I can’t even imagine what this loss would feel like, and I pray I never have to experience it.  For now, I know that our duty is to lift up the Gorham family in prayer…not just for now, but for the many long days and nights ahead.

We all have had tragedies in our lives.  For me, I lost my cousin, who was my dearest friend, two Octobers ago.  My life will never be the same without her, and I still cannot believe she’s gone.  Her husband lost his best friend, and their two small children lost their mother.  There still is a war of emotions that I battle with constantly over why she was taken and what life will look like without her.  But we know this:  God is sovereign.  He knows why, and all we must do is trust Him. 

I take the hurt that I feel all the time and offer it to the Lord who makes something beautiful with it.  I pray that my cousin’s family can have the continued strength to rebuild life and experience joy and peace.  Now, I pray that the Gorham family can do the same, day in and day out with each passing milestone and memory.  Please pray with me so that they don’t feel the entire weight of this tragedy themselves.

Oh, and one more thing:  treasure everyone who is in your life.  Hug them, kiss them…linger in your conversation and enjoy their laughter.

You can read more of the news story here. 


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