Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Very Muppet Birthday!

I love party planning.  I’m not always on top of things, but my husband knows that I generally go overboard so that people “get” the theme.  In June, we celebrated my Noah’s 4th birthday and he asked for a Muppet Birthday Party.  Noah is notorious for asking for something that is generally not sold in stores (Seven Dwarfs, Narnia, etc.)..I thought the Muppets would be easy as they had just released a new movie.  Not so much.  While I see things in stores now, a whole whopping 3 months ago was a different story. 
For those of you wanting to plan a muppet party, here’s what I came up with.  For those of you not ever caring for muppets…sorry, but the pictures are cute!  I loved coming up with these ideas and creatively executing them.  Many of these ideas could be transferable to different party themes.  And for those of you who attended the muppet party, here are the pictures! 

First: invitations.  I scoured the internet looking for an idea and I mashed a few together to come up with this: 


Filled with “muppetisms” and adorned with a green, Kermit collar, I was hoping the theme was suggested to our attendees!

Next, I wanted to create a themed menu.  This was a lot of fun.  We served Miss Piggy’s in a blanket, Party Like an Animal Pasta Salad, Rainbow Connection Fruit Kabobs, Swedish Chef Meatballs, Pepe’s Southwestern Salsa, and It’s Not Easy Being Green Punch (which turned out rainbow because I couldn’t find green sherbet last minute!)  There was also a snack table set up outdoors with marshmallows (Noah’s favorite), popcorn, and Fozzy Bears (gummy bears).  I cut up a piece of green cardstock and wrote my creative titles (so people would “get” it) and placed a coordinating muppet sticker, which was the only item I actually found in a store that was themed!

Next, were the decorations.  We’re a balloon family.  Naturally, I wanted to tie in the decorations with our theme, but again…the stores were devoid of all things muppet.  I was fortunate enough to find some mylar balloons on Amazon for a very good price.  I made rainbow balloon bouquets with the mylars and used green, yellow, and rainbow streamer.  I felt the need to provide some sort of backdrop for his birthday cake eating, so I quickly drew up some favorite muppet characters on a poster board.  We used all different colored plates, napkins and cups (mostly from leftover parties) to create a rainbow connection feel. 
Cake and cupcakes were compliments of my sister.  She did an amazing job…the inside was even rainbow!  Amazing!
Everyone had a great time!  It was a hot day, so we swam, had a water balloon fight, and of course broke open our home made piñata!  I had planned on playing pin the tail on Fozzy Bear, where I drew a fozzy and had little fabric bear tails, but we had too much fun doing everything else!


All in all, it was a good party!




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  1. Law and such creativity....looks like you have both sides of your brain fully functional! I like how you just "quickly drew up" some muppet characters- like cartooning comes as naturally as making name cards. Love, love, love the overboard theme though- I think they got it =:)