Thursday, July 24, 2014

Early Morning Thoughts: Becoming

I have spent much of my life focused on "becoming" what I'm not instead of realizing who I am. This notion of becoming is a great distraction and a great deception. It keeps us from living life with freedom and embracing grace to live an imperfect life full of love. Instead, it has us believing that with more work, more striving, more time, eventually we will arrive where we belong and only then become useful. It holds us in a place of ineffectiveness, fear, and doubt. It is in the becoming process where we counter intuitively abandon the practice of our gifts, waiting for them to be honed by some other process. Eventually, our dreams grow dim, waiting for the day when we arrive at the place we have been training for.
But we already are. I have been blessed with every spiritual blessing. I have been called by name. I have been adopted into the family of the King of kings. My frame has never been hidden from my Creator. He has knit me together perfectly, and instead of hiding until I can do something "useful" with all these things in my life that seem jumbled, unskilled, or less than perfect, I will praise Him with every ounce of my imperfection, every rough edge, every unedited word, because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
I don't need to become. I already am. I am a child of God, who He takes pleasure in, even in my imperfection, even before the world thinks I am ready to be useful.
I am precious in His sight, and I love because He loved me so completely and so amazingly first.
I am no longer waiting to become anything. I am taking everything I am, everything I have been gifted, and pouring it back out as a love offering to the One I was made to reflect. He is altogether good. He is altogether lovely. He is altogether worthy. And I am His.

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